Incoming matriculated, transfer, J-Start, and IDP students will be sent an email containing your Trinity Student ID#, username, and email address. This message will be sent via the email address you provided on your admissions application. (Note: your new username and password will be different from your admissions login.)

Your Trinity account grants you access to a variety of systems and services at Trinity. Used in combination with a secure password, your username logon provides access to online resources such as Office 365 Exchange Mail, the Trinity PortalTCOnline, used to view your schedule of classes and grades, and Moodle, Trinity’s course management software. Your Trinity account requires a password reset every 365 days.

You can access materials on the Trinity College New Student web site. Once you have received your Trinity Student ID #, email address, and username, you will be able to set your Trinity password.

Set Your Trinity Password

  1. Go to and click the link “Forgot Your Password?”
  2. Enter your username, click Submit and follow the instructions.

Once the process is complete, within about 10 minutes, you will be able to check your e-mail via the web at and login to the campus portal at (login as [email protected]).

Please note that Trinity requires Multi-Factor Authentication. You will be prompted to setup MFA when you login to your Trinity accounts. Please use a computer to initially setup MFA (not a phone, etc.). Please setup your devices with the MS Authenticator App, text messaging an alternate email address. Please also include a second phone number in the instance your phone is damaged/lost. You will begin this process from your computer by going to

Next Steps: Complete Your Starting Out Tasks

  1. Go to and login with your [email protected] (not your firstname.lastname email address)
  2. Locate the panel labeled “For New Students.”
  3. Click on the link “Starting Out at Trinity College.”
  4. Complete designated tasks online as indicated.

You should begin working on your online tasks immediately. Most tasks are available to complete immediately, but a few others will not be available until later in May, June, and July.

  • Note: J-Start students accepted on a rolling admission basis will have later deadlines reflected in your portal.

The first deadline includes submission of the online Math Placement Exam, Guided Writing Assessment, and Second Language Questionnaire. It is especially important that you complete these three tasks by the deadline in order for you to be enrolled in courses. In preparation for selecting your courses, you should also begin reading through the appropriate information:

  • Traditional Start:  Read through the Course Selection Information under “Getting Enrolled” on the first-year student website prior to course selection.
  • J-Start students: Read through the Course Selection Information under “Getting Enrolled” on the first-year student website prior to course selection.
  • Transfer students: Read through the Course Selection Information for Transfer Students under “Getting Enrolled” on the Transfer student website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my password in the future?  To change your password go to Log in with your username and current password when prompted. Follow the instructions in choosing a new password (note the conventions). **Please be aware Trinity College will never request your password via email, if someone requests your password this could be a phishing attempt. ** 

Do I need a Trinity email account?  All students are required to use their Trinity email address for correspondence during their tenure at Trinity. Much of the communication between faculty, students, staff, departments and programs occurs via Trinity email, especially time-critical information. You are responsible for information sent from the College to your Trinity email account from this point forward.

How do I access my email?  To access your email, go to You can also set up email on your Windows laptop,  Mac Mail) or setup email on your phone.

Can I forward email to an alternate email account?  If you prefer to use another email account, you can have your Trinity email messages sent to another address. Please call 860-297-2007 or email [email protected] to forward your email to another address.

If you have any questions in general, please contact the Library & IT Desk at [email protected] or 860-297-2007.

Additional Information You May Find Helpful:   

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