Set your software to auto-update. Install updates, and restart if needed.

Millions of lines of code are written every day. With that much code, there are bound to be bugs; but some bugs put your data at risk. These are called vulnerabilities. Software updates (patches) fix this code that makes us (and you) vulnerable. Follow the links below to learn how to keep your systems at Trinity and at home secure and up to date.

To ensure the security of all Windows computers, Microsoft releases monthly security updates. These are critical zero-day updates that must be deployed as soon as possible to your computer, to prevent any malicious actor from taking advantage of your device. All Trinity-owned computers will restart within the span of a few minutes to ensure the update is implemented.

The various business units within Trinity are provided support for many systems through system management software. The best way to get updates for your Trinity-managed system is through that software. If you don’t have security software running on your computer, contact the LIT desk to get it installed.

  • Windows Management: Microsoft Endpoint Management / Intune
  • OS X Management: JAMF

Reboot weekly, so your computer stays updated. Feel free to shut down your computer at night.

Service Desk Calls

LITS support helps keep your computer up to date and secure. No Trinity support service team will ever send an update as an E-mail attachment. They will not have a vendor call you to install a file. If you are ever unsure about an unsolicited support call or email, hang up and contact the LITS desk directly.

Update Self-Managed Systems

Trinity-managed systems aren’t the only ones that need to stay up-to-date. Here are some great resources for keeping your personal systems updated and secure.

OS X Operating System Updates

Windows Operating System Updates

Product End of Life

Nothing Lasts Forever! If the updates stop coming, does that mean there are no more bugs? No! Manufacturers eventually stop supporting their older products as new ones replace them. If you’re using outdated products, plan to upgrade as soon as possible. These include:

  • iPhone 5 or earlier
  • Samsung Galaxy phones 2018 or earlier
  • Google Pixel phones 2019 or earlier
  • Windows 10 20H2 or earlier
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • MacOS 11 Big Sur or earlier

If you are currently using a Trinity-provided device utilizing the hardware or software listed above, please notify the LITS desk directly ASAP.