Your Trinity ID Card

Keep it with you and keep it safe! Your card lets you

  • Access buildings and rooms on campus
  • Purchase food in campus dining facilities with Dining Dollars
  • Pay for printing (you get $30 of free printing every semester, then pay in Bantam Bucks)
  • Do your laundry with Bantam Bucks
  • Buy from vending machines with Bantam Bucks
  • Shop at on- and off-campus establishments with Bantam Bucks

Replacing Your ID Card

  • Lost your card?
    • You can replace it at the Library & IT Desk for a fee.
  • Card too damaged to work?
    • Bring the damaged card to the Library & IT Desk for a free replacement.
  • Turned 21?
    • Happy birthday! Bring your current card to the Library & IT Desk for a free landscape-formatted replacement.

Keys and Locks

  • Getting a copy of a key requires the approval of your Department Head
  • Request a key, a lock change, or a lock repair by creating a ticket or calling the Library & IT Desk at 860-297-2100
  • If it’s an emergency, contact Campus Safety