You will need to reset your Trinity password every 365 days by going to Several requirements are imposed with our password change system to help insure the security of Trinity accounts. Passwords must be a minimum of 12 characters long, and must include at least three of the following:

  • lower-case characters (a-z)

  • upper-case characters (A-Z)

  • digits 0-9

  • special characters ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & ( ) * – + = | \ { } [ ] : ; ” ‘ < > , . ? /

Passwords can be changed once a day, and a history is maintained to prevent repeated and predictable use of the same password.

Here are a few tips for creating good passwords.


  • Start with a sentence or phrase, and take the first letter of each word and add numbers and/or symbols
    my dog Sparky is four years old and loves to play fetch becomes mdSi4yo&l2pf

  • Use random capitalization:
    EBs45kc becomes eBS45Kc

  • Employ character substitution for sounds:
    waits becomes w8s
    Before becomes b4

  • Incorporate phonetic spellings:
    laugh becomes laf
    weight becomes wat


  • Include personal information like your initials, name, nickname, phone extension or home number, children’s names, etc.

  • Use of common characters or place names from literature or mythology.

  • Use words that appear in a dictionary.