Trinity is not just a destination for a degree. It’s your entry point to the world.

The work you do here has the potential to reach from the classroom to the surrounding city to the world at large. A Trinity education combines intimate learning environments, broad perspectives, and bold exploration to help you develop into exactly what you want to be (yes, even if you’re a chemistry major with a passion for art, or an anthropologist who loves to sing a cappella).


Student Research Opportunities

From independent, student designed research projects to participation in clinical research projects at area medical centers, Trinity offers many opportunities for students to engage in research, both on and off campus.


Graduate Programs

Ready to continue your studies? Trinity offers master’s degree programs in American Studies, English, and Public Policy. There is also an accelerated dual-degree option for exceptional Trinity undergraduates to pursue both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in five years in either American Studies or Neuroscience.