Zoom Webinars

Media Technology Services staff are available to assist with the setup and management of Zoom webinars. Please fill out this form and they will contact you.

Event Servicing and Production Fees

Faculty or staff requiring an MTS technician for setup or operation of audio visual equipment at college events are charged a fee. When you book your event space through the Calendar Office, we will automatically bill the account number given for the room. Otherwise, a departmental or organizational account number, or other payment arrangements are necessary to book event support.

The fee list below is a general guide, subject to change based on the scale of an event, staff hours required, and the cost of production materials. Labor and material costs for video recording projects can vary. Such work must be scheduled well in advance and coordinated with Media Technology Services staff.  A minimum of two weeks is requested for all requests. Contact Media Technology Services for job-specific quotes and information on services not listed.

Labor fees are charged for service on Saturdays, Sundays and after 7:00 p.m. on weekdays. Extra labor may also be charged if the setup of an event takes longer than 1 hour.

* A late fee of $25 is charged for services requested less than 48 hours before an event. In some cases, scheduling may make it impossible to fulfill a late job request.

** Please be sure to inform us if your event is canceled. If we show up with the equipment, you will be charged for the full setup. **

All prices shown are for the Trinity community.  Off-campus groups should contact Media Technology Services at 860-297-2422, or ideally email [email protected], for pricing information.

​Event Services Fees​

IMPORTANT: New Fees for Media Technology Services Coming July 1, 2024

Live Audio Taping
Video Taping
LCD ProjectorPortable Projection Screen
Laptop PC
Webcam w/ Skype
P.A. System (small)
P.A. System (large)
Wired Microphone​
Wireless Microphone
LiveWeb Stre​aming ​
$35.00 and up
$30.00 and up
$50.00 and up
$10.00 + P.A.
$20.00 + P.A.

Labor Fee
(In addition to other fees )

Late request, < 48 hours notice $25

*** Student groups needing technology for student-run events use SAIL for A/V, and should ALWAYS contact [email protected] (with a “cc” to [email protected]).  ALWAYS. *** ​

Production Services

Media Technology Services provides an assortment of production services in support of academic endeavors. The following is a partial list of production services available to the Trinity College community:

  • Audio production and duplication following applicable copyright law
  • Video recording and editing
  • Video duplication following applicable copyright law
  • Video format transfer following applicable copyright law
  • Computer scanning/capturing

It is the responsibility of event sponsors to secure permission for audio or video taping. Many guest speakers and performers have contracts that do not allow recording, so prior clearance is essential. Media Technology Services will not record an event without a written or verbal release. For copies of a Recording Release Agreement, contact Media Technology Services at x2422.

Production service tends to be labor intensive and unique in its requirements, so please allow a minimum of one week for this work. The fee for production service varies according to the specifics of a job.

Technical training is available to students, faculty and staff who wish to do their own production work. To request training for yourself or a group, please contact your Instructional Technologist​, the or contact the MTS department for more information.