Department Chairs and Program Directors 2023-2024

Department Chairs and Program Directors

American Studies Dr. Christina Heatherton, Acting Director email 860-297-2345
Dr. Thomas Wickman, Acting Associate Director email 860-297-2393
Anthropology Dr. Shafqat Hussain email ​860-297-2358
Art History Dr. Kristin Triff email 860-297-2506
Biology Dr. Lisa-Anne Foster email ​860-297-2349
Chemistry Dr. Timothy Curran email 860-297-5276
Classical Studies Dr. Vincent Tomasso email 860-297-2559
Computer Science Dr. Madalene Spezialetti email ​860-297-2519
Economics Dr. Diane Zannoni email 860-297-2488
Dr. Mark Stater (associate chair) email 860-297-2462
Educational Studies Dr. Jack Dougherty (fall) email 860-297-2296
Dr. Stefanie Wong (spring) email 860-297-2626
Engineering ​Dr. Lin Cheng email ​860-297-4117
English ​​Dr. Sarah Bilston email ​860-297-2340
Environmental Science Dr. Christoph Geiss email 860-297-4191
Film Studies Dr. Prakash Younger email 860-297-4003
History ​​Dr. Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre email 860-297-2427
Human Rights Dr. Benjamin Carbonetti email 860-297-2325
International Studies Dr. Seth Markle email 860-297-4290
Jewish Studies Dr. Samuel Kassow email 860-297-2390
Language and Culture Studies Dr. Sara Kippur (fall) email ​860-297-2095
Dr. Kifah Hanna (spring) email 860-297-2096
Mathematics Dr. Per Sebastian Skardal ​email ​860-297-2299
Music Dr. Eric Galm email ​860-297-4201
Neuroscience Dr. Luis Martinez (fall) email 860-297-2565
Dr. Molly Helt (acting spring) email 860-297-2240
Philosophy Dr. Todd Ryan email ​860-297-5157
Physical Education Mr. Drew Galbraith email ​860-297-2057
Physics Dr. Barbara Walden email ​860-297-5324
Political Science Dr. Stefanie Chambers email ​860-297-5293
Psychology Dr. Dina Anselmi email ​860-297-2236
Public Policy and Law Dr. Abigail Williamson (fall) email 860-297-2571
Dr. Stefanie Chambers (spring) email 860-297-5293
Religious Studies
​Dr. Tamsin Jones email ​860-297-2567
​​Sociology Dr. Johnny Williams ​email ​860-297-2467
Studio Arts Ms. Lynn Sullivan email 860-297-5171
Theater and Dance ​​Mr. Peter Kyle email 860-297-5362
Urban Studies Dr. Xiangming Chen email 860-297-5170
Dr. Garth Myers (acting, AY) email 860-297-4273
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Dr. Robert Corber email 860-297-5340

Non-Major Academic Program Directors

Aetna Quantitative Center Ms. Kaitlyn Gingras email ​860-297-2522
Allan K. Smith Center for Writing and Rhetoric Dr. Tennyson O’Donnell email ​860-297-2206
Center for Hartford Engagement and Research (CHER) and Liberal Arts Action Lab Dr. Laura Minor email 860-297-2556
Center for Urban and Global StudiesCities Program Dr. Garth Myers email ​860-297-4273
​Community Learning Initiative and Community Action Gateway Ms. Erica Crowley email ​860-297-5223
Global Health Humanities Gateway Dr. Diana Paulin (co-director) email ​860-297-2451
Dr. Erin Frymire (co-director) email ​860-297-2382
Graduate Studies Program and English Graduate Studies Program Dr. Daniel Mrozowski email ​860-297-4169
Graduate Studies – American Studies Dr. Christina Heatherton email 860-297-2345
Graduate Studies – Public Policy Dr. Sean Fitzpatrick email 860-297-4124
Humanities Gateway Program Dr. Julia Goesser Assaiante (co-director) email 860-297-4221
Dr. Gabriel Hornung (co-director) email ​860-297-2039
InterArts Ms. Rebecca Pappas (co-director) email 860-297-4093
Ms. Lynn Sullivan (co-director) email 860-297-5171
​​Interdisciplinary Science Program (ISP) ​Dr. Alison Draper email 860-297-5189