The Interdisciplinary Program in Film Studies at Trinity draws on courses in film studies and production taught in sixteen of the College’s departments and programs. Though the program is based in core courses that emphasize the aesthetic and theoretical traditions specific to Film Studies, the study of film by its very nature engages other domains and disciplines. History, politics, philosophy, psychology, culture, theatre, literature, music and visual art are all potentially implicated in the experience of film, and our courses invite students to explore the multiple dimensions of cinematic experience.

The program also offers students interested in the practice of filmmaking an opportunity to develop that interest through production and screenwriting courses, internships, a semester or year at a production program abroad, and the option of doing a senior production thesis. The Interdisciplinary Major and Minor in Film Studies are designed to ground students in three basic aspects of the field – film history, film theory, and film production – while at the same time providing the flexibility to allow for exploration of specific areas of interest within each of those aspects.

Film Studies Alumni

Meredith Veach ’12 was one of the first female students to graduate Trinity with a major in film studies, and since her graduation, she has relocated to Los Angeles and currently works in the film industry.


Film Studies

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