Community Learning fosters academic collaborations between Trinity students, staff, faculty, and partners in metropolitan Hartford. Students engage with the city in projects that address partners’ interests, deepen learning, and promote civic engagement.


Community Learning Research Fellows

In Community Learning Research Fellows (CLRF), Trinity students collaborate with a Hartford-area community partner and a faculty sponsor on a research or creative project that benefits the partner’s organization. Accepted students enroll in a weekly seminar (for 0.5 credits) and an independent study/course/internship/thesis with a faculty sponsor (for 0.5 or more credits).


Public Humanities Collaborative

The Public Humanities Collaborative (PHC) is a summer research opportunity that brings together students, faculty, and individuals and organizations in Hartford to work on public humanities: the study of how people interpret stories of our human experience. Each PHC team includes Hartford-area humanities partner (such as a museum, library, cultural institution, or related organization), one or more Trinity faculty fellows, and two to four Trinity student researchers.


Resources for Faculty

Learn about Community Learning Faculty Fellows, course development assistance, course funds, partnership opportunities, and more.


Community Action Minor

The Community Action minor engages students in both academic and practical work on the meanings of citizenship, democracy, and community in the U.S. and around the globe. Through study and participation in community-based research and service, students gain a more comprehensive understanding of individuals and institutions in sustaining and developing a democratic society.


Community Action Gateway

The Community Action Gateway offers first-year students the opportunity to engage with the city of Hartford through community-based research and social change projects. Students in the gateway take two courses, one in the fall semester and one in the spring semester of their first year.


Partner with Us

Community Learning fosters collaborations between Trinity College courses and Hartford area individuals and organizations. Courses often include research, service, or product-based partnerships.


Community Learning News

Learn more about Community Learning through news stories on the CHER blog about past courses and projects.

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