Trinity’s Studio Arts Program offers a rich and diverse studio art curriculum within a liberal arts environment. Courses are well defined and rigorous, with emphasis on personal growth and introspection, as well as the development of technical mastery through experimentation and innovation. The Program equips majors with substantial expertise in the primary media, the ability to identify and define content, and a solid grounding in the history of art. Trinity’s Studio Arts majors receive the training and inspiration necessary to enhance their future educational and professional endeavors.

Studio Arts faculty members bring years of knowledge, dedication, and insight to their teaching and advising. They are committed to identifying and addressing the individual needs of each student. Additionally, influential contemporary artists are regularly invited as guest lecturers to speak about their work and offer one-on-one feedback to students.

Trinity’s Studio Arts facilities allow students to explore new technologies as well as classical media. As they advance through the major, students work in their own studio space. The CCAN Art Gallery serves as a venue for student exhibits as well as Senior Thesis exhibitions and gives students hands-on experience with preparing and mounting professional art exhibitions.

The Studio Arts Program also oversees the Widener Gallery in the Austin Arts Center. Each year a series of compelling and provocative exhibitions feature the work of internationally and nationally known contemporary artists. Each spring, the Widener Gallery hosts the Studio Arts Annual Exhibition, a selection of the best student work completed during the academic year. Students may also take advantage of a number of other enrichment opportunities, including organized visits to galleries and museums in New York City.

The Studio Arts Program encourages art students to study abroad. To that end, the Program urges students to meet with its designated study abroad advisor in order to pick an appropriate program that is compatible with the major.

Recent college graduates, including Trinity Studio Arts majors, may apply for the Fifth Year Fellowship. Fifth Year Fellows receive a stipend and remain at Trinity during the academic year following graduation. During that period, they manage the CCAN Art Gallery, serve as mentors to other Studio Arts students, and assist the Fine Arts technician. They are provided with a studio space on campus and are encouraged to build up a consistent body of work beyond their senior thesis and to apply to graduate school.

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