Adrian Lo is managing director of Foodjoy Concepts, where he founded, operates, and manages two KASA restaurants in Hong Kong, and of Foodjoy Solutions, where he manages a venture investment portfolio specifically focused on sustainability. Lo also serves as an executive director at the Shui On Investment Group, his family office. He sources and manages strategic investment opportunities and manages the existing investment portfolio. In addition, Lo works closely with Shui On Land Development, a premier real estate developer based in Shanghai, to bring the top overseas retail and food and beverage brands into the Chinese market.

Prior to starting his own venture, Lo worked at Maxim’s Group, the largest restaurant conglomerate in Hong Kong, as a management trainee. He completed rotations on the marketing and business development teams and was among the first employees to help expand the company’s business into northern China.

Lo earned a B.A. in international studies: Asian studies, with a focus on international politics, from Trinity. He has a keen interest in sustainability and environmental issues and is working to help Hong Kong, where he lives, become a more sustainably run city.