The Board of Trustees, which convened for the first time on May 8, 1823 in order to begin securing funds for the College, is charged with preserving Trinity’s mission.

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2020-2021 Membership


Cornelia P. Thornburgh ’80, M.B.A. (2021)
Chair, Palm Beach, FL

Lisa G. Bisaccia ’78, M.B.A. (2021),
Vice Chair and Chair-Elect, Providence, RI

Michael J. Kluger ’78, P’13, M.B.A. (2021)
Vice Chair, New York, NY

Kevin J. Maloney ’79, M.A. (2021)
Vice Chair, Westwood, MA

Charter Trustees

Ross Buchmueller ’87, B.A. (2024), Mamaroneck, NY

James W. Cuminale ’75, P’09, J.D. (2023), Darien, CT

William E. Cunningham, Jr. ’87, P’19, ’21, B.S. (2022), Cheshire, CT

Henry D’Auria ’83, B.A. (2023), New York, NY

Nancy M. Davis ’79, M.S. (2023), Wethersfield, CT

Peter S. Duncan ’81, P’13, ’14, B.A. (2022), Rye, NY

Christine E. Elia ’96, M.F.A. (2021), New York, NY

Steven A. Elmendorf ’82, B.A. (2024), Washington, DC

Elizabeth Elting ’87, M.B.A. (2024), New York, NY

Eric R. Fossum ’79, H’14, Ph.D. (2022), Wolfeboro, NH

Michael Gary ’86, M.Ed. (2021), Philadelphia, PA

John S. Gates Jr. ’76, P’13, B.S. (2023), Chicago, IL

Walter Harrison ’68, H’18, PhD. (2022), Wellfleet, MA

Jeffrey B. Hawkins ’92, J.D. (2023), Chestnut Hill, MA

H. Susannah Heschel ’73, H’10, Ph.D. (2021), Newton, MA

Susannah Smetana Kagan ’91, M.P.A., J.D. (2024), New York, NY

Ling S. Kwok ’94, B.A. (2023), New York, NY

Kathleen Foye MacLennan P’17, ’20, J.D. (2023), Edina, MN

Daniel Meyer ’80, P’20, B.A. (2021), New York, NY

David L. Schnadig ’86, M.B.A. (2024), New York, NY

N. Louis Shipley ’85, M.B.A. (2022), Andover, MA

Kelli Harrington Tomlinson ’94, B.A. (2023), Atherton, CA

Rhea Pincus Turteltaub ’82, B.A. (2021), Encino, CA

Kathryn George Tyree ’86, B.A. (2022), New York, NY

Craig Vought ’82, P’17, M.B.A. (2021), Atherton, CA

Jean M. Walshe ’83, B.A. (2023), New York, NY

Damian W. Wilmot ’97, J.D. (2024), Milton, MA

Funston Trustee

Adrian Lo ’12, B.A. (2022), Hong Kong

Ex Officio

Joanne Berger-Sweeney, Ph.D.
President of the College

Eric S. Estes ’91, Ph.D., Providence, RI
President of the Trinity College Alumni Association