Bantam Beginning: New Student Orientation Program

Contact the Orientation team for questions regarding orientation, check-in/move-in, pre-orientation, and Orientation PLUS programs.

(860) 297-2305
Center for Academic Advising

Contact the Center for Academic and Experiential Advising for help with course selection, the Trinity College curriculum, distribution requirements, scheduling, and general advising questions.
Associate Director of Academic Experiences

Contact Leo Schuchert for general first-year student academic questions.

(860) 297-5368​
Registrar’s Office

Contact the Registrar’s Office for questions about AP credits and transfer credits.

​(860) 297-2118
​Student Accessibility Resources

Contact Joel Copperthite, Interim Student Accessibility Coordinator for all services related to requests for accommodations or visit the Student Accessibility Resource Center (SARC) website.

​(860) 297-4206
The Bantam Network Residential Learning Community

Visit the Bantam Network Residential Learning Community New Student Residential Guide. Contact the Residential Learning Community team for to learn more information about housing.

(860) 297-2305
Billing and Payment Plans

Contact the Student Accounts and Loans Office for questions regarding billing and student health insurance plans.

(860) 297-2028
Financial Aid

Contact the Financial Aid Office for questions regarding Trinity financial aid.

(860) 297-2046
Meal Plans

Visit the Dining Services website to learn more about meal plan options. Contact the Dining Team for questions regarding campus food service.

(860) 297-4086
Information Technology Services

Contact the Information Services Desk for information regarding computer equipment, e-mail, Moodle, TCOnline, and TC Portal.

(860) 297-2007
Health Center

Contact the Health Center for questions regarding  healthcare paperwork and immunization requirements. Health insurance questions should be directed to the Student Accounts and Loans Office.

(860) 297-2018
Counseling and Wellness Center

Contact the Counseling and Wellness Center for questions regarding mental health support and wellness.

(860) 297-2415
Aetna Quantitative Center

Contact Kaitlyn Gingras, Director of the Aetna Quantitative Center and lecturer in Mathematics, for questions regarding the quantitative literacy requirement or the mathematics placement exam.

(860) 297-2522​
Mathematics Department

C​ontact Professor Paula Russo, chair of the Mathematics Department, for questions about mathematics courses.

(860) 297-2292​
A.K. Smith Center for Writing and Rhetoric

Contact Tennyson O’Donnell, Director of the Allan K. Smith Center for Writing and Rhetoric for information regarding the writing requirements.

(860) 297-2206
Second Language Requirement

Visit the Second Language Requirement website to learn more about fulfilling this requirement. Contact one of the professors listed below for questions regarding this requirement:
Professor Aidalí Aponte-Avilés
Professor Sara Kippur
Office of Multicultural Affairs

Contact Carol Correa De Best, Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs for more information regarding multicultural groups, the P.R.I.D.E. program and more.

(860) 297-4251

Visit the Trinity College Athletics website to learn more about athletic opportunities. Contact the Athletic Office for more information.

(860) 297-2057

Visit the Recreation website to learn more about club sports, fitness, intramurals, and outdoor opportunities. Contact Kevin Johnson, Recreation Director for more information.

(860) 297-5102
Women & Gender Resource Action Center (WGRAC)

Contact Laura Lockwood, Director of the Women & Gender Resource Center (WGRAC), to learn more about educational, social, and cultural programming, advocacy, and support.

(860) 297-2408
(860) 297-4131
Queer Resource Center

Contact Crystal Nieves, Director of the Queer Resource Center for more information regarding LGBTQ+ Life at Trinity, educational and social programming, advocacy, and support.

(860) 297-2582
Spiritual & Religious Life

Contact The Rev’d Dr. Marcus Halley, College Chaplain and Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life, to learn more about the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life.

(860) 297-2013
Student Leadership and Engagement

Contact the Office of Student Activities, Involvement, and Leadership, to learn more about opportunities for co-curricular involvement.

(860) 297-2171