Welcome to Spiritual and Religious Life at Trinity College. We invite you to meet the people and explore the offerings of our diverse coalition of spiritual and faith traditions. Our teams serve both their own traditions and join together to address common goals, values and concerns affecting our entire campus community and beyond.

Our Mission:
The Office of Spiritual and Religious Life supports and strengthens the common life and academic mission of Trinity College through collaborative engagement with spiritual and religious inquiry and practice, interfaith cooperation and dialogue, and music and the arts.

Our Vision:
Together, we are co-laboring to build a community where everyone flourishes and experiences a deep sense of belonging through our connection to our own selves and mutual support of others with all the rich variety of faiths, stories, and traditions we embody.

Spiritual and Religious Life engages students with their spiritual and religious heritages. We invite them to learn about a diversity of practices and traditions to grow their understanding of the world. We connect students to each other and to communities and needs beyond themselves and our campus. We work collaboratively with faculty and staff to promote spiritual and ethical well being across campus.

We provide opportunities for regular religious observance and spiritual practice and for moral and ethical reflection and engagement among students, across campus, and to the wider community. Distinct practices at Trinity include the historic Episcopal tradition of the college, Roman Catholicism, Jewish life, Islam, and interfaith cooperation.

Music & the Arts
Extraordinary music making, both in concerts and services, enriches the life of the college and the wider Hartford community.

We create spaces for communities of hospitality and inclusion that honor distinct traditions and perspectives while promoting respect, appreciation, and common values.

We endeavor to live out our beliefs and values through action centered on justice. Whether through advocacy, community service, immersion learning, or direct action, we develop timely, meaningful opportunities for engagement among students, faculty, and staff.

We advocate the practice of spiritual, religious, intellectual, healthy relationships, and physical health so that all persons in community may thrive.

We hope whoever you are, wherever you are from, however you pray, that you will find a spiritual community at Trinity College!


Spiritual and Religious Life at Trinity College

Trinity College Chapel
300 Summit St.
Hartford, CT 06106
8:30 am - 4:30 pm