Welcome to the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement (SLE) at Trinity College, formerly known as SAIL, a vibrant community where we are dedicated to cultivating student leadership, fostering involvement, and nurturing personal growth. Our mission is to empower students to become dynamic leaders, engaged community members, and catalysts for positive change both within and beyond our campus.

The SLE Experience

At SLE, we warmly embrace the core values of the college’s mission to Engage, Connect, and Transform. We provide a rich array of programs, initiatives, and resources crafted to develop leadership skills, champion inclusivity, and foster active participation in campus life. Whether your passion lies in social justice, student governance, personal development, or community service, SLE offers a dynamic platform for exploration, learning, and leadership, encouraging and supporting students on their journey of experiential learning through exciting involvement opportunities.

Guidance and Support

Our committed team is focused on guiding and assisting students in uncovering their leadership potential. Through engaging workshops, tailored training sessions, leadership retreats, and mentorship programs, we strive to equip individuals with the tools, knowledge, and confidence required to excel in their roles, both on campus and in their future endeavors.

Student Organizations and Clubs

Moreover, SLE serves as a central hub for various student organizations, clubs, and activities, providing essential support and resources to help these groups thrive. We believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of diverse perspectives, fostering an inclusive environment where every student has the opportunity to contribute and make a meaningful impact.

Join Us

Join us at the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement to embark on a transformative journey. Here, you will discover your leadership potential, forge lifelong connections, and leave a lasting legacy within our vibrant Trinity College community. We invite you to be an integral part of our commitment to creating leaders who positively shape the future.



Student Clubs and Organizations

From academics to arts, community service, causes, and more, you’ll find your niche here on campus.


Senior Week

Join us for Trinity College’s Senior Week 2024, a vibrant celebration of accomplishments and camaraderie, featuring exciting events and experiences for the graduating class before they embark on their next journey.


Recreation, Intramural, and Club Sports

If you’re looking for a team, a casual match, or something out of the ordinary, you’ll find it here at Trinity.



Your hub designed to support student organizations, clubs, and their members!


Greek Life

Greek life refers to a vibrant community of fraternities and sororities that contribute significantly to campus life.