Speaking directly to the college's mission to Engage, Connect, and Transform, the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement (SLE), formerly known as SAIL, supports students' experiential learning through involvement opportunities.

Student involvement is an integral part of the Trinity College experience, providing personal growth while cultivating transferable skills. Along with supporting students, the office provides oversight and coordination for a facility that serves the Trinity community—Mather Hall.

The Office of Student Leadership & Engagement (SLE) supports students through initiatives that enhance and promote the campus community. Through partnerships with campus departments and student-led organizations, SLE empowers students to become more effective and adaptive leaders. Those who engage in leadership opportunities outside the classroom gain meaningful experiences that enhance their personal, social, and intellectual growth.

In addition to supporting the activities of Student Government Association (SGA) recognized groups, SLE also coordinates the details for large-scale events, like the Fall and Spring Involvement Fair, New Student Orientation (NSO), Senior Week, and the Campus Life Leadership Awards.

The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement focuses on three key areas:


The students at Trinity are central to event planning and the success of activities on campus. We believe in collaboration and strengthening the partnership between students and administration. Every individual brings unique perspectives, talents, and aspirations, and we are committed to providing a supportive, dynamic, and inclusive environment that encourages their active involvement and leadership development.


There are leadership opportunities for students within the organizational structure of each club. Whether you are a general member or a part of the executive board, contributing to a student organization provides valuable experiences through running meetings, hosting events, or collaborating with other clubs to create experiences for your peers. By participating in student organizations, students refine their transferable skills such as communication, conflict resolution, time management, and budgeting all while forging friendships and performing a service to their peers. Student leaders are the backbone of life within the Trinity community.


There are dozens of SGA-recognized student organizations to join at Trinity. SLE works collaboratively with all student-run SGA groups, providing advisement and administrative support from start to finish. Visit Bantam Link to learn more about the organizations and events across campus.


Student Clubs and Organizations

From academics to arts, community service, causes, and more, you’ll find your niche here on campus.


Recreation, Intramural, and Club Sports

If you’re looking for a team, a casual match, or something out of the ordinary, you’ll find it here at Trinity.

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