Identity + Care + Connection = Community

Bantam Beginnings: New Student Orientation Program

Intentionally designed in the liberal arts tradition, the Bantam Beginnings: New Student Orientation program (NSO) offers new students the opportunity to launch their journey at Trinity and to connect to the Hartford community, through integrative experiences.

NSO will begin on Sunday, August 25th!


The Bantam Beginnings: New Student Orientation program seeks to connect students with their identity as Trinity Bantams. The program equips students with the tools needed to engage within the Trinity community, which values the connection between peers, self, and space.

The Bantam Beginnings: New Student Orientation program will:

  • Connect students to campus resources through a series of programs focused on community, academics, health and wellness, and traditions.
  • Help students establish a strong Trinity identity, nurture connections through orientation groups, and truly connect them to the idea of “What it means to be a Bantam”.
  • Offer various opportunities through the Orientation NEXT programs for students to engage with campus partners who will help them discover the intersectionalities of being a Bantam and beginning their collegiate career.

The Bantam Beginnings: New Student Orientation program will provide an opportunity for all new students:

  • To acquire the same quality of shared information
  • To further broaden and explore the intersectionality of their identity and interests through the Orientation NEXT programs
  • To participate and explore in the diversity and intercultural nature of our Trinity and Hartford communities



New Student Orientation (NSO)

During Orientation, you will learn how to make Trinity feel like your home away from home, how to take advantage of opportunities for a successful collegiate career, and make lasting friendships with fellow students. Our faculty, staff, and students cannot wait to meet you during your Orientation process.


Orientation NEXT Programs

The Orientation NEXT Programs will create space for students to explore and connect. Through collaborative partnerships across campus, the NEXT Programs are rooted in efforts to foster awareness, care, connection, conversations, and experiences as a community.


P.R.I.D.E. Welcome Weekend

P.R.I.D.E. Welcome Weekend is a three-day program primarily designed to help students from underrepresented backgrounds/identities (e.g. racial/ethnic, international, sexual orientation, and gender identity) become acquainted with the campus and make a successful transition to Trinity’s academic and social environment.