Welcome to Trinity College Class of 2028!


We are excited to welcome you to campus and the Trinity Community. At the conclusion of the Bantam Beginnings: New Student Orientation (NSO), students will participate in one or more of our exciting Pre-Orientation and Orientation NEXT programs.

The Pre-Orientation and Orientation NEXT Programs will create space for students to explore and connect. Through collaborative partnerships across campus, the Pre-Orientation and NEXT Programs are rooted in efforts to foster awareness, care, connection, conversations, and experiences as a community.

Orientation NEXT Programs


BANTS: Fall Early Returning Athletes

BANTS is designed to develop leadership and wellness skills for First Year Fall Student-Athletes. This two-part series will provide foundational concepts of leadership, teamwork, and wellness with an athletics nexus. In Part 1, student-athletes will explore their own leadership styles through cooperative exercises, peer mentorship, and self-reflection. In Part 2, student-athletes will be introduced to areas of wellness including mental health, mindfulness, nutrition, and self-care.


Building Better Bantams

The Building Better Bantams program is a 4-day emerging leaders program for students who want to explore their own leadership skills as future bantams. This multi-disciplinary program will incorporate hands on activities, exploring Hartford, arts integration, and an opportunity to explore deeper student involvement and leadership develop as part of the Trinity community.


Insights into Hartford: Our Place, Our Home

Insights into Hartford offers incoming Bantams a unique lens through which to view the wonderful city of Hartford that Trinity College calls home. The Insights into Hartford programs are hosted by staff and student leaders, appealing to a variety of interests.


Invention, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship (IIE)

Students in the four-day IIE program will experience multiple field trips to explore innovation around Hartford, including planned visits to Raytheon Technologies Research Center where you can stand inside a jet engine and see space suits from Apollo while learning about the latest cool innovations and inventions driving our aerospace programs today, and a behind-the-scenes look at the engineering and invention that powers amusement park rides – visiting Six Flags New England to see them in action.


Quest: Outdoor Adventure

Incoming students have the opportunity to start their Trinity College journey with a wilderness adventure. Trinity’s outdoor orientation program focuses on leadership development and community building. Learn about what adventures lie ahead with Quest.


Summit-to-Success Scholars

The Summit-to-Success (S2S) Scholars Program supports traditional first-year college students, First-Generation to college students, Transfer students, and IDP Adult Learners. S2S is a high-impact, cohort-based program designed to support new students’ successful transitions and academic engagement in college. Join us for a jump-start on designing your Trinity experience and preparing to navigate college transitions successfully.



Venture: Women's Leadership

The Elizabeth Elting Foundation Venture Conference is a three-day leadership conference for women’s leadership development. Students will have an opportunity to get to know future classmates through sessions on team building, strengths assessment, and leadership exercises.

Pre-Orientation and Bantam Beginnings: New Student Orientation (NSO)