Get involved in CHER programming through Community Learning courses, student organizations, the Liberal Arts Action Lab, working at Trinfo.Café, and more.


Liberal Arts Action Lab

In the Action Lab, students work with community partners on real world questions while learning research skills. Students apply in October or March for the following semester and earn two course credits through their coursework in the Action Lab.


Community Learning

Enroll in a Community Learning course, earn a minor in Community Action, or enhance your research abilities through Community Learning Research Fellows.



Work at Trinfo.Cafe, a space that connects Trinity and neighborhood residents through community events, technology training, and a garden. Trinfo is also the host of a VITA tax clinic each year.


Community Service and Civic Engagement

Volunteer in the community or join a student organization through the Office of Community Service and Civic Engagement.


Connect Directly with Community Members and Organizations Seeking Volunteers

CHER maintains a volunteer opportunities database to help match Trinity volunteers with Hartford community partners. The database allows students to reach out to community partners directly to connect on volunteer opportunities.

“Being a part of and leading [the Trinity chapter of] Habitat for Humanity has been an immense learning experience, one where I have learned about all that Hartford has to offer as well as the many issues it faces. I’ve also forged relationships with community organizers and others who work to make Hartford a more prosperous city. The opportunities CHER affords us are easy ways to begin breaking the divide that Trinity has had with our surrounding community and to contribute to the success of the community.”

Ananya Usharani Ravishankar '21