Partnering with community organizations is essential to our work. Learn more about opportunities to partner with Trinity College below.


Connect with Trinity faculty and courses

Community learning course partnerships generally fall into three categories: Service (extra hands helping to get work done), products (such as op-eds, maps, pamphlets), and research projects. Click the link below or contact Community Learning Director to learn more about collaborating with Trinity courses.

Each year, Trinity provides us with full Thanksgiving meals for approximately 70 of our neediest families. This partnership is important for several reasons. It shows our community that Trinity College is a continued support to the families that reside in our city. The importance of service to others is one of the lessons we teach our students at ELAMS. Trinity College provides a model, not just through the Thanksgiving drive, but in all the initiatives that support the students and families of Hartford. Most importantly, without this donation, many of our families would not have the resources to have a Thanksgiving dinner, which is a holiday our students and families look forward to each year.

Christine McCarthy Principal, Expeditionary Learning Academy at Moylan School (ELAMS)