The mission of the Office of Community Relations (OCR) is to facilitate communication and cultivate relationships between our campus community, host neighborhood and City of Hartford. Through the Office of the President and in conjunction with the Center for Hartford Engagement and Research (CHER), the OCR is strategically placed to manage the external relations of the College while also supporting the academic and experiential interests of students and faculty who wants to collaborate in the neighborhood and city.

The OCR is dedicated to building and maintaining positive and active relationships between Trinity College and the Greater Hartford community. The OCR works closely with city officials and agencies, neighborhood organizations, local business associations and corporations, social service providers, and a host of other local organizations and individuals on a broad range of issues of vital interest to the community and the College.

The City of Hartford and the Greater Hartford Region have long been an urban incubator for innovation in business, education, and government. Hartford and the surrounding region host multinational corporations that are leaders in insurance, financial services, health care, and aerospace technology. The region has a rich history of ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity that serves us well in an increasingly interconnected and rapidly urbanizing world. Trinity College is proud of its location in Hartford and believes that its location provides an environment conducive to active learning and engagement that benefits students, faculty, staff, and surrounding community stakeholders.

Trinity College has firmly committed itself to the City of Hartford and our global partners.  The OCR maintains an active, visible and dedicated commitment to Trinity’s host community and will work to develop mutual and attainable goals with input, direction, and support from its community neighbors.


Office of Community Relations

Office of Community Relations 1300 Broad Street
Hartford, CT 06106