The HMTCA-Trinity Partnership is an early college experience that partners Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy (HMTCA) with Trinity College. Located on the Learning Corridor campus, HMTCA is an interdistrict magnet school. From its start in 2011, the partnership creates opportunities for students and faculty at Trinity and HMTCA to build connections and learn from each other.

Aspects of the Partnership

Summer Writing Institute: HMTCA students attend a summer writing institute taught by Trinity faculty in cooperation with HMTCA faculty. The institute is designed to teach college writing skills.




HMTCA Students in Trinity College Courses: Selected HMTCA students enroll in introductory-level Trinity College courses. These classes have included Calculus, and introductory courses in Philosophy, Music, English Literature, Computer Science, Chemistry, Classics, Japanese, and Psychology.




HMTCA Classes on Trinity’s Campus: For the 2022-2023 academic year, 60 HMTCA seniors are taking their senior English course on Trinity’s campus. HMTCA courses at Trinity allow high school students to get a feel for college life.




Trin-HMTCA Tutors: Twice a week, 16 Trinity College students meet with 16 HMTCA students for mentoring and tutoring. The students work together on homework help and enrichment activities.




HMTCA Events and Activities at Trinity College: HMTCA students and staff participate in events on Trinity’s campus. A highlight of these activities are monthly lunches at Mather dining hall in collaboration with student leaders from OMA and MOCA . The lunches include students from HMTCA, students from Trinity, and the partnership program manager.




Get in touch

Liliana Polley (she/her)
HMTCA-Trinity Partnership Program Manager
Office: Mather Student Center, lower level
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 860-297-4266


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