Watkinson Creative Fellowships

Are you an artist? A computer whiz? Do you play or compose music? Can you shoot and edit videos? Do you paint, sculpt, or work in metal or glass? Weave baskets? Are you a writer, or a poet? Can you design a website, or maintain a blog? Are you a photographer? An actor? A calligrapher? An engineer? An entrepreneur? An athlete?

Whatever your passion or talent, we invite you to explore it through a Fellowship at the Watkinson Library. The vision for this program is to create support for self-directed students to explore the collections in the Watkinson, encounter an item or a group of items that spark inspiration, and engage with that material to produce something new.

Projects may take any form: drawing, painting, sculpture, writing, music, video, virtual (digital), performance, or any other medium you can think of. A committee will review student applications, and grant the awards based on the feasibility, relevance, and significance of the projects. A proposal must demonstrate that the project can be accomplished in one semester, that it is clearly based on or inspired by an item or collection in the Watkinson, and why the project is significant enough to merit support.

ANY enrolled student (including IDP) may apply. A Fellowship is for one semester, and comes with an award of $1,500 upon delivery of the project. Students are expected to meet monthly with the Curator to report on progress. The purpose of the fellowship program is to support the production of creative projects based on or inspired by materials held in the Watkinson Library. Watkinson Fellows will present their projects at an annual reception.