College Archives


The Trinity College’s Archives, a unit within the Watkinson Library, collects, preserves, and makes available the institutional records of the college, as well as other documentary material related to Trinity College (Hartford, Connecticut). The College Archives holds over 2000 linear feet of material.

The “institutional records” of Trinity College are materials in any format created, received, or maintained by College personnel in conducting the official business of the college which have been evaluated by the College Archives for long-term preservation within the college archives.

“Other documentary material” may include non-official materials of enduring value related to Trinity, which have been collected or donated to the college archives by faculty, staff, alumni, or others, according to collection guidelines established by the Trinity College Archives.

Explore the Watkinson Library and Sample the History of Trinity College:

Baseball team, Trinity College, ca. 1899

Jarvis Hall, Trinity College, east quad towards Williams, ca. 1918

from The Ivy (the student yearbook of Trinity College), 2014.

Types of Materials in the College Archives:

The College Archives contains materials not listed here. Some categories of items(*) may have temporary access restrictions.
Published Texts
  • Official college publications
  • Publications by or about Trinity faculty, staff, students, and alumni
  • Student Newspapers
Unpublished Works
  • Senior and Masters Theses
  • General Student Work
Administrative Records
  • Board of Trustees Minutes*
  • Secretary of Faculty (Meeting) Minutes*
  • President’s Papers*
Student and Alumni Organization Records
  • Fraternity and Sorority records
  • Literary society records
  • Independent student groups
  • Service organizations
Faculty Papers
Personal/Family Papers related to Trinity Presidents, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, or Students
  • Plaques and statuary removed from campus locations
  • Diplomas
  • Ceremonial Objects
  • Department photographs (e.g. Communications Office Photos)
  • Photographs taken by students, faculty, or staff
Architectural drawings
  • Plans of the William Burges-Francis Kimball design of the Long Walk
  • Oral Histories
  • Athletics Films
  • Theater Performances


*Please consult the Trinity College Archives’ Access and Restrictions Policy for more specific access information.