Top 5 Steps to Securely Work from Home from SANS Security Awareness


Logging On: Be sure you are using Trinity’s Pro version of Zoom, not the free version (the free version has limitations, including restricting meeting times to 45min). For Pro, select SSO to login to Zoom. See our introductory page for more information, including downloading Zoom.

Setup a Zoom Meeting Within Outlook (with the Zoom for Outlook Add-in). (Note this Add-in does not work on the web version of Outlook, you must have Outlook installed on your computer. You can install Outlook from the O365 portal. See more information on MS Office.)

Video Conferencing Tips for Organizers from SANS Security Awareness


Download Teams

Microsoft Teams Video Training


VPN (Virtual Private Networking) allows access to protected systems, such as Trinity’s tamba server, from an off-campus computer. Trinity requires software to be downloaded and configured to use VPN. (Note: VPN may slow network speeds while in use, so be sure to disconnect VPN when are done accessing the tamba, etc. server.)

VPN on a Windows Computer

VPN on a Mac Computer


You can connect to your office computer from home. (Note, for each of these instructions, you intially have to do some setup on your office computer in person. In particular, you need to make sure your office computer energy settings allow it to remain “on” all of the time because your office computer must be turned on to remote into it.)

Microsoft Remote Desktop (use for Windows office computers)

Apple Remote Access (use for Mac office computers):

One Tip: When you finish a session, do not select Shut Down on your office computer (instead select Disconnect from your office computer. If you Shut Down, you’ll have to go into the office to turn it back on in order to remote into it again.)


OneDrive allows you to store and share your personal files in the cloud. Please note that once you leave Trinity, your OneDrive access ends. For long-term file storage and sharing within your department, Teams, SharePoint or tamba are recommended.

Access OneDrive and all Microsoft software the college has licensed –

OneDrive Help and Learning

Share OneDrive Files and Folders

Using Microsoft OneDrive for Shared Documents (Trinity guide)

Allow Others to Upload Files to Your OneDrive By Creating a File Request


Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Software


Create a Narrated PowerPoint Presentation

Record On-Screen Activity, Voice and Webcam with Kaltura Capture

View Instructional Videos for Thousands of Packages and Business Skills on LinkedIn Learning


Library Resources for Remote Learning and Research