Please note that Apple Remote Desktop should only be used for connecting to office computers on campus running the Mac operating system. For access to library databases and online journals from off-campus, use the library instructions for EZProxy instead.  To access tamba and other file shares (zep, tcdata, tbos) from off-campus, please use Mac Forticlient VPN instead.

1.) First, ensure that your office computer is connected to the network via an Ethernet cable (wifi connections may be problematic with remote access). You must also ensure that your office computer can allow for remote access. On your office computer, from the Apple menu select System Preferences.

2.) Click the Sharing icon and check the option Remote Management. When prompted, select all of the tasks remote users are permitted to perform (if you want full access, check all of them). If are not prompted, click Options to select the tasks.

3.) Do one of the following:

  • Select “All users” to allow anyone with a user account on your office Mac to share your screen.
  • Select “Only these users,” and click the Add button, then select the users who can access your office computer.

4.) Note the IP address of the Mac (it’s the series of numbers listed in the middle of the screen). You will need this information to setup remote access.

Close these windows and switch to the Mac home computer you will be remoting in with.

5.) First, setup Mac Forticlient VPN on your home computer. You will need to use VPN every time you remote into your office computer.

6.) Once you’ve setup VPN successfully, click on the Spotlight icon Spotlight.jpg in the upper right menu bar. In the search field that opens, type Screen Sharing. Click on the Screen Sharing app ScreenSharing.jpg that appears in the search results.

7.) Enter the address of the Mac you want to access in the Connect To field. It should be in the following format:

  • Connect To: vnc:// (replace the x’s with the IP address you noted from your office computer)

8.) If prompted, enter your username and password for the device you are trying to access, then click Sign In.

9.) Please be sure to logoff of VPN when you have finished remoting into your office computer.