Access Zoom through Trinity’s account at Choose “Sign in” and log in with your Trinity username and password. Our Introduction to Zoom page has many helpful tips on getting started.

Zoom webinar assistance

A webinar should be considered for events with over 300 anticipated attendees and/or meetings that need greater control over presentation and audience interaction. Library & Information Technology Services staff are available to assist with Zoom webinars. Please fill out this form to connect with a staff member who can assist with webinar setup and management. 

Automatic Recording Backups to Kaltura

As of January 2021, all Zoom recordings are automatically copied to your personal Kaltura account. See our Zoom recordings policy and best practices page for more information. 

Zoom Recordings Policy 

Our Zoom recordings policy and best practices page provides guidelines on when to record Zoom sessions. It includes considerations such as privacy, content, transparency, and purpose. 

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  • In this post you can explore instructions and hints on how to either view or share Zoom recordings, either if a Zoom recording belongs to you, or if a Zoom recording was shared with you (and it belongs to someone else). Generally the first scenario is more relevant for faculty and the second one for […]
  • Today, Zoom released a new accessibility feature for all Education users: The ability to have live transcriptions / subtitles during a meeting. We have enabled this a default, so anyone with a Trinity College-provided Zoom account can have subtitles in any meeting. There are a few actions you need to take: Update your version of […]
  • Zoom allows users to store recordings of meetings or class sessions on their own device or in the Zoom cloud. While the Cloud provides convenient sharing options, it is not intended for permanent storage of recordings. Instead, Kaltura will serve as the long-term storage platform through an automatic backup process. Below we provide information on […]
  • To check attendance after a Zoom meeting, first login to your web profile ( Next, choose Reports in the left hand menu, and select the Usage option. Now, you can find your meeting (adjust the date range at the top if needed). There should be a blue number listed in the Participants column for that […]
  • Zoom provides space for short-term storage of recorded meetings and classes, but it should not be used as a permanent storage solution. Use the following methods to free up space on your Zoom account. Begin by logging in to your Zoom portal at Choose “Sign in” then log in with your Trinity credentials, e.g. […]

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