What is the Bantam ID?

The Bantam ID is your student ID card.

What are Bantam Bucks?

Bantam Bucks are a debit system, which enables you to use your Trinity ID at the Underground Coffeehouse, laundry and vending machines, the campus bookstore, public printers and copiers, Cinestudio, at several off-campus businesses (see below), Peter B’s and in any of the campus dining facilities. Money may be put onto one of three accounts: Bantam Bucks, Dining Dollars, and Printing Dollars.

What are the accounts linked with my ID and what is the difference between all of these accounts?

Bantam Bucks may be used in all the places listed above; Dining Dollars may be used in the dining facilities and are sold at a 5% discount for purchases from $25 to $100 and 10% for over $100. The Printing Dollars account begins with a balance of $30 and is used for public printing only. Once the $30 in Printing Dollars is gone, your Bantam Bucks account is used to pay for printing.

How do I put money on one of these Bantam ID Card accounts?

For Bantam Bucks and Dining Dollars, machines known as Value Transfer Stations (VTS) reside in Mather Hall (adjacent to the Office of Campus Life, Mather 107), Vernon Center and in the library.  Simply follow the directions on the VTS screen, which will allow deposits of $5, $10, and $20. Checks made payable to “Trustees of Trinity College” may be deposited at the Business Office. You cannot add to your Print for Free account.

Can I add money to my accounts online now?

The Blackboard e-Accounts system enables Bantam ID cardholders (or the friends, parents, or relatives of Bantam ID cardholders) to deposit money into a Bantam Bucks account using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. To deposit money from a credit card into the Bantam Bucks account, you must enter the Trinity email address and the account holder’s last name. Just go to tcommerce.trincoll.edu.

How do I use the Bantam ID Card in the laundry machines?

Once you have put money onto your Bantam ID Card at a VTS, use the control box (on the wall of the laundry room) to first select which machine, and then simply tap or slide your card. Use the help key if you need more information.

What are my choices for using a Bantam ID Card account in the campus dining facilities?

  • Students that are on a meal plan can use their account called Meal Plan Dollars in any of the dining facilities. Meal Plan Dollars are funds that come with the meal plan and can be used instead of using meals.
  • However, the Senior Plan and the 15 Flex Plan will allow students to use their meals in the Cave, the Bistro as well as Mather Dining Hall. The 19 Traditional and the Mather Unlimited can only use meals in Mather Dining Hall. A meal is worth $5.00 from opening until 11 am and $5.75 from 11 am until closing. The Mather Unlimited meals cannot be used as meal equivalency in Mather Dining Hall, but the 19 Traditional meals can be used as meal equivalency to purchase Outtake items by the register.
  • Students can use Bantam Bucks in any of our dining facilities. However, another option would be to use Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars are funds added to a student account that can be used in any of our four dining locations. The only benefit of using Dining Dollars over cash or Bantam Bucks, is that Trinity College Dining Services offers students an additional 5% on deposits of at least $25 up to $99 or 10% on deposits of $100 or more. Dining Dollars do carry over from fall semester to spring semester, but not from year to year. Dining Dollars can be added at any VTS, online (www.dineoncampus.com/trinity), or in the Trinity College Dining Services Office (Mather Hall 2nd Floor).

Whom should I call with questions regarding the Bantam ID Card?

Please contact the Library & IT Desk at 860-297-2007.

A Quick Overview:

Printing, Scanning & Copying:
Vending & Laundry:
  • Laundry machines are Bantam ID Card only in most locations.
  • Vending and laundry purchases deduct from Bantam Bucks account
Dining Services, Bookstore and Cinestudio:
  • The Bistro, Cave and Mather Dining Hall accept cash, Bantam Bucks, Dining Dollars,  Meal Plan dollars, meal plans and credit cards.
  • The Bookstore accepts cash, credit card, check or Bantam Bucks.
  • Bantam Bucks are accepted at Cinestudio.

Off-Campus Vendors

  • CVS Pharmacy (Maple Ave)
  • Sam’s Food Store (New Britain Ave)
Account/Card Services:
  • Check balances and add money to your Dining Dollars and/or Bantam Bucks accounts at Value Transfer Stations in Mather, Vernon Social Center and the Library.
  • Check your balances, cancel your card, or transfer money from a credit card to your Bantam account at tcommerce.trincoll.edu.
  • Replace a lost or stolen Bantam ID Card at the Library & IT Desk, M-F 8AM – 4PM or contact Campus Safety, nights and weekends for assistance with building and dorm room access.