To protect the equipment, we limit the use of the space to audio recording and editing only. The story labs are not available as study spaces.   

Access the story labs

  • Faculty: Reserve time in a studio here and use your id to access the studios   
  • Staff: Reserve time in a studio here and use your id to access the studios  
  • Students:
  • LITS 124 is available for students working on a class project for 2-hour windows with 24-hour access. Reservation required. Make a reservation here. Your card will give you 24-hour access to the lab.
  • LITS 122 is available for all students for 2-hour windows during Library and IT Desk hours. Reservation required. Make a reservation here. Checkout an access card at the Library and IT desk and return it after use.

Note: Faculty offering a podcasting or audio recording assignment can apply for semester-long automatic student access for their classes to use LITS 124. Students would then just reserve a space here and use their own id cards for access. To add a class roster to the story lab access list, please create a ticket request at 

On the ticket:

  1. Select Doors and Locks -> Door Access Request
  2. On the ticket, please:
  3. Include the course number so we process the appropriate class roster
  4. Cc Mary Mahoney
  5. Select as end date – For example, the last day of classes