The Trinity Library collection contains millions of print and digital books and journals. When you need something beyond that, the library offers borrowing from partner libraries, called interlibrary loan.

Contact our ILL staff at 860-297-2100 or [email protected].

Interlibrary Loan Accounts

Access your Interlibrary Loan Account with your Trinity credentials.

Access is automatically provided to all current Trinity students and employees using your regular Trinity username and password. College retirees should contact staff at [email protected] to create or reactivate your account.

Placing Requests

  • Ways you can submit a request:
    1. Search for the item in WorldCat. Chose “Request item through Interlibrary Loan.” You will then log in to your interlibrary loan account and submit the request.
    2. Search for an article in Onesearch using the Everything scope. If there is no link to fulltext, use the Request Through Interlibrary Loan link. You must be logged in to see all requesting options.
    3. Use one of the blank request forms available after you logon to your ILLiad account.


How long will it take to get something? How will I know it is here?

Times vary from one day for some electronic articles to a few weeks for harder to find books. Just because you can identify something does not always mean we can find a library willing to lend it to us! So be sure to plan ahead to give yourself enough time.

The average turnaround time for article requests is currently 1 day. For books it is 5 days.

You will be notified by email when your item has arrived, whether it’s online in your ILLiad account or ready for pickup at the Library & Information Technology Desk.


Late Fees

Borrowing periods for things loaned to us by other libraries are set by the owning libraries, not Trinity. Loan periods vary but are often shorter than what Trinity allows. You will be able to see due dates on the item’s record in your interlibrary loan account.

To help you manage your returns, we will email you a courtesy notice a few days before the item is due back, followed by an overdue notice at 1 and 8 days. But once any item is overdue all library privileges will be suspended until the item is returned. Materials not returned within 40 days may incur replacement fees for the value of the book.

Borrowers who have failed to return items in a timely manner may have future borrowing privileges limited.