• Digitize for library collections: Request digitization of certain text or image materials for addition to Trinity online collections. Under “Request Type” select “Library,” then “Digitize for Library Collections.
  • Digitization: Request one or two chapters from a book, or an article from a journal. Use the request option in OneSearch, or submit a Help Ticket.
  • Help tickets: Submit a ticket for any technology problem including lock, phone, network and computer issues.
  • Interlibrary Loan: request material from another library.
  • Purchase requests: Ask the library to purchase materials for the collection.
  • SGA Library Materials Special Purchase request: Funds from a generous SGA donation may be used to purchase:
    – Course texts that all students may access
    – Books, data sets, or access to digital resources for a research project or senior thesis. (Faculty sign-off will be required)
    – General materials for the Library collection
  • Streaming video and course reserve requests: Under “Request Type” select “Library,” then “Course Reserves & Streaming Video.