Starting in Fall 2023, Faculty may order course packets through the bookstore. While technically an option in the past, the cost was often prohibitive due to the copyright fees associated with printing.

The college’s subscription to the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), offers blanket copyright permissions for many sources to be used in course packets. Faculty can search the CCC database to see if their readings are covered by this license. If so, they can submit a digital copy of the course packet to the bookstore, and direct their students to purchase copies there.

Readings that are not covered by the CCC license can be shared with students according to usual Fair Use Guidelines. See our guide to sharing course materials for more details.

Costs of course packets containing covered material consist of the cost of printing plus a modest surcharge per packet to cover the annual licensing fee. (Faculty participating in a pilot in Spring 2023 found their course packets ranged from $34-$55, depending on length).

This subscription allows a way for interested faculty to use course packets, which many prefer for pedagogical reasons. It also allows students to buy course packets along with their other books, which is more convenient and allows students whose scholarship covers books to purchase course packets more easily.

Trinity faculty and staff can access the CCC database by visiting the CCC’s RightFind tool and registering as a new user.

For course packet printing and logistics, please contact Doug Stewart, at [email protected].

Please direct questions about the CCC to Amy Harrell [email protected].