What We Offer

Each semester Community Learning offers faculty up to $500 of expense funding for each approved community-learning course. Allowable expenses include:

  • stipends for community partners to meet with your students
  • student transportation to community partner sites
  • book and instructional materials, or printing costs
  • video or photography equipment or services
  • hourly wages for community learning teaching assistants
  • refreshments for events with community partners
  • other relevant expenses approved in advance by CLI

For any questions, contact Director of Community Learning Erica Crowley, [email protected].

How to Reserve and Receive Community Learning Course Assistance Funds:

Step 1 – Please notify us in advance by filling out this quick online Community Learning fund reservation form. Submit this by the end of the second week of classes so that we can plan our budget accordingly. If you do not submit a reservation in advance, we may not be able to fund your course.

Step 2 – Write a rich one-paragraph description of the community learning component of your course, attach a copy of your syllabus, and email to Erica Crowley for approval. Submit this anytime during the semester. Be sure to:

  • List your course title, student enrollment, semester taught, and community partners (with contact information).
  • Describe the community learning component, and how it fit with your broader course goals.
  • Tell us how student learning was experiential; collaborative with partners; and/or required students to consider new perspectives.

Optionally, include any course assignments or photos that you give us permission to share on the web.

Step 3 – Download this Community Learning fund expense form in Excel format and list up to $500 of allowable expenses per approved course.

  • To reimburse you or individual students, include all receipts (if paper receipts, submit originals). If paid by credit card, include a copy of your statement or similar proof-of-payment.
  • To pay stipends to community partners or local experts, download a federal W-9 form for them to complete and submit.
  • To pay hourly wages to student teaching assistants, download and submit a Trinity student payroll form in advance.

Send all reimbursement materials to Erica Crowley. If we do not receive your expense request within 30 days after the end of the semester, it may not be funded.