On this page you will find the forms needed to authorize new student employees, as well as timesheet information, tax forms, and direct deposit forms.

Contact us via email at: [email protected] or [email protected]

To contact a specific staff member:
Mary Parducci
Payroll Manager ​
[email protected]
Susan Specht
Payroll Assistant
[email protected]

Student Payroll Procedures

Student payroll is processed using PeopleSoft’s Time and Labor entry system. To activate a job you must complete a Student Payroll Authorization form. Authorizations need to be signed by the supervisor and include their Trinity ID number for online approval. As long as the authorization is received the Thursday prior to the end of the pay period, it will be included in the current pay cycle. Once Payroll enters the authorization, an online timesheet will become available for time entry. Please scan complete, signed authorizations to [email protected].

We ask that supervisors provide students a set of online time entry instructions and a calendar of pay periods with timesheet due dates upon hiring. This is very helpful since they are the first point of payroll contact. Let them know that timesheets can be accessed from anywhere they have an internet connection (including their smart phones). Encourage your student to update their timesheet each day they work to ensure accurate records. Please contact the Payroll Office at ext. 2033 or ext. 2034 if you have any questions.


Payroll Office

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