Students may request a leave of absence to attend to personal, medical, or academic needs for a short time before returning to the College.

Leaves of absence typically last one or two semesters, though extensions may be requested. The reasons for taking a leave of absence vary widely. For example, students may face a family or medical emergency, wish to pursue temporarily a non-academic experience, or have other personal needs they must address. Leaves of absence should be taken only under such exceptional circumstances. Additional information can be found in the Student Handbook.

Any student who needs to take a leave of absence will be able to do so regardless of their academic performance and without penalty. Students will not be placed on academic probation as a result of having to leave mid-semester. Transcripts will reflect “leave of absence.”

To begin the leave of absence process, complete and submit a Leave of Absence Request (also available on the Registrar’s Office Forms page) and schedule an appointment with the Dean of Students Office and your academic adviser.

Please contact the Student Accounts Office with any questions regarding billing.  Also, if you are receiving any financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office to see how your leave of absence will impact the aid you have received.