The Bantam Network is at the heart of the Trinity student experience!

Designed by students for students, the Bantam Network helps students build their on-campus network of care. We do so by using a comprehensive Nest system. Through the Nests, students join a unique support system of Nest Advisors and Community Mentors encompassing staff, faculty, and peersStudents also engage in opportunities that foster their academic achievement and personal development, while building community and creating traditions that last a lifetime. 

We guide students through their Trinity experience, from matriculation to graduation, and beyond!


The Bantam Network is committed to the holistic development of our students. We help students build their network of care within the Trinity community by connecting them to the resources, programs, and services needed to successfully navigate their Trinity experience.


The Bantam Network contributes to Trinity’s preparation of the next generation of bold, independent thinkers who will create positive change within their communities, by engaging students in transformational opportunities that help them reflect on their learning and passions.


  1. Nurture learning within the context of holistic student development
  2. Promote student retention and persistence to graduation
  3. Deliver quality programs, events, resources, and services

About The Nests

The Network consists of 5 Nest pairings, each named after the College’s traditions and historical legacies. Students are placed into their Nest as they enter the College. They learn of their Nest placement during Convocation, one of our most celebrated ceremonies. Which Nest will you belong to?


Origins of The Bantam Network

Established five years ago as a mentoring program for first-year students, The Bantam Network was designed to connect students to individuals and resources that would deepen their college experience and ease their transition to college life.


Residential Learning Community

The Bantam Network Residential Learning Community provides an inclusive living and learning experience that fosters student development by connecting students, faculty, and staff beyond the classroom.

Feel sick? Stay home.Familiarize yourself with the signage around campus to help keep our community safe. You will see these directional signals and informational reminders in areas all across campus.

Protect the Nest Signage
Protect the Nest Template 8.5 x 11
Protect the Nest Template 11 x 17


The Bantam Network

Hamlin Hall, 3rd floor
Trinity College
300 Summit Street
Hartford, CT 06106
Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm