The overall mission of the Center for Academic Advising (CAA) is to enhance and support the relationship between students and their faculty advisors.

For Faculty, the CAA provides a dynamic advising resource. Through holding seminars, hosting workshops, and providing one-on-one support, the CAA works to assist faculty advisors in best serving their students.

For Students, the CAA supplements the work of individual academic advisors by making itself available to students who require additional advising attention. Please see below for information regarding drop-in hours.

Welcome Class of 2024

We are thrilled you have decided to join the Trinity Community.  The Center for Academic Advising is anxious to get to know each of you and is looking forward to supporting your academic pursuits.  We begin that support this summer as you select courses for the coming fall semester.  To help you through the course selection process Faculty Advising Fellows will host  interactive sessions focused specifically on the course selection process which takes place July 20 through July 24.

Schedule for Interactive Course Selection Workshops  (please note all times are Eastern time)

Date has link to meeting               Advising Fellow host

Monday, July 13th    8pm                Dr. Lisa Foster
Tuesday, July 14th    8am                Dr. Aidali Aponte-Aivles
Thursday, July 16th   8pm–             Dr.  Dan Mrozowski
Tuesday, July 21st    8am                Dr.  Paula Russo
Thursday, July 23     8pm               Dr.  Ethan Rutherford

PLEASE NOTE that each sessions open to all students regardless of academic interest.  However, the session on Tuesday, July 14th will be joined by Dr Alison Draper, Director of the Science Center

The Advising Fellows are also available to assist you via virtual appointments throughout the summer months. Please see the schedule for our summer hours.

Center for Academic Advising Summer Hours 2020

Please click on the weeks below to view available office hours

Date Time Fellow Contact to Schedule
Monday 6/29 11am- 1pm Dr. Russo
Monday 6/29 8am-10am Dr. Mrozowski 
Tuesday 6/30 12pm-2pm Dr. Rutherford
Tuesday 6/30 5pm- 7pm Dr. Aponte-Aviles
Thursday 7/2 10am-12pm Dr. Foster
Date Time Fellow Contact to Schedule
Monday 7/6 11am- 1pm Dr. Russo
Monday 7/6 8am- 10am Dr. Mrozowski
Tuesday 7/7 11am- 1pm Dr. Aponte-Aviles
12pm-2pm Dr. Rutherford
Thursday 7/9 10am-12pm Dr. Foster
Date Time Fellow Contact to Schedule
Monday 7/13 11am- 1pm Dr. Russo
Monday 7/13 8am-10am Dr. Mrozowski
12pm-2pm Dr. Aponte-Aviles
Tuesday 7/14 12pm-2pm Dr. Rutherford
Thursday 7/16 9am-11am Dr. Foster
Date Time Fellow Contact to Schedule
Monday 7/20 11am-1pm Dr. Russo
8am-10am Dr. Mrozowski
1pm- 3pm Dr. Aponte-Aviles
8am- 10am Dr. Rutherford
10am – 12pm Dr. Foster
Date Time Fellow Contact to Schedule
Monday 8/24 8am-10am Dr. Mrozowski
Tuesday 8/25 12pm-2pm Dr. Rutherford
5pm-7pm Dr. AponteAviles
10am-12pm Dr. Foster
11am-1pm Dr. Russo
Date Time Fellow Contact to Schedule
Monday 8/31 11am- 1pm Dr. Russo
Monday 8/31 8am-10am Dr. Mrozowski
6pm-8pm Dr. AponteAviles
Tuesday 9/1 12pm-2pm Dr. Rutherford
Thursday 9/3 10am – 12pm Dr. Foster

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