Trinity’s academic standing and degree progress policies are designed to encourage all students to graduate on time and achieve academic success.

The standards for good academic standing are:

1. a minimum cumulative GPA appropriate to semester since matriculation (see chart below);
2. adequate progress towards degree completion as defined by the minimum number of credits accumulated since matriculation (see chart below);
3. full-time enrollment (defined as attempting 4 or more course credits), unless authorized to drop below by an approved accommodation request or petition for reduced course load. Full-time enrollment is reviewed – and standing adjusted accordingly – following the end of Add/Drop in the fall and spring semesters.

Students who meet the three standards are considered to be in good academic standing, a designation indicating that the student has no current academic difficulties.

Minimum number of earned credits and cumulative GPA required per semester to maintain degree progress and good academic standing at the college

Fall & Spring Terms  Completed Credits Expected Minimum Credits Required Minimum Cumulative GPA Required
1 4 2 1.667
2 8 6 1.800
3 12.5 10.5 1.900
4 17 15 2.000
5 21.5 19.5 2.000
6 26 24 2.000
7 30.5 29.5 2.000
8 *34.5 or 35 2.000