Trinity Library cultivates Distinctive Collections: unique collections tailored to specific needs of the community, located in different parts of the library.

See our complete list of guides to distinctive collections and reading lists for additional ideas and inspiration!


Connecticut Collection

This collections contains print and digital resources covering historical, scientific, business and sociological aspects of Connecticut.


Leisure Reading

Reading just for fun, including science fiction, fantasy, graphic novels and many award winners.



Explores the intersections between race-ethnicity, gender and sexuality, identity, technology, sci-fi, horror, and magical realism to imagine BIPOC and LGBTQ+ futures and re-envision the past in ways that recognize the agency and resilience of people who must carry the burden of historical consciousness and trauma. it also redresses the erasure of BIPOC and queer voices in mainstream speculative fiction and science fiction while also reimagining more just and vibrant futures.


Creative Technology

Learn new creative skills, or hone your current techniques with books from this collection covering podcasting, knit & crochet, paper crafts, and more.


Art & Crafting Supplies Library

Inspired by Nest Artists and funded in part by a grant from the Wikimedia foundation on behalf of Art+Feminism, this collection includes a variety of art and crafting supplies for numerous mediums, including drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, and crochet, among others. The collection offers fully self-service checkouts and is accessible 24/7 to all Trinity students.


Hartford Medical Society collection

Housed in the Watkinson Library at Trinity College, the HMS Library is a historical collection of volumes and artifacts dating back to the 1500s. Founded in the nineteenth century as a training tool for Connecticut’s medical professionals, the HMS collection has grown into something much larger.