In the event a mobile device or computer is lost or stolen, please:

  1. Report the loss immediately to Campus Safety (860-297-2222).
  2. File a report with the appropriate local authorities, where necessary.
  3. Change all passwords used on the device to access Trinity College resources.
  4. Contact LITS as soon as possible and identify the information accessed or held on the device and any other removable media that may have been also lost.
  5. Cell phones and tablets synchronizing email and calendar events with Trinity’s Exchange server must be remotely wiped of all data and to prevent access by anyone other than the user. Users can complete this process personally:
    1. Login to Outlook on the web:
    2. On the top right, click on the Options (gear) link.
    3. Search for Mobile in the Search field on the right. Click on Mobile devices.
    4. Select your phone, IPad, etc., and click the Wipe all data button.

If a college-owned device is recovered, it can be re-provisioned by LITS.