Using Voicemail

Each telephone on campus is equipped with a voice messaging system called Nortel Call Pilot. If a call is not answered after four rings, the call goes to Nortel Call Pilot and the caller is prompted to leave a message. Your phone then produces a broken dial tone or indicator light to notify you that a message is waiting on your Nortel Call Pilot box.

Logging On

To retrieve messages from a phone on campus, pick up the handset and dial 2500.
From off-campus telephones dial (860) 297-2500. A touch tone phone is required.
If you call Nortel Call Pilot from another location, you should hear a recorded voice: “Nortel Call Pilot. Mailbox?” Dial your extension number followed by a # and you should hear: “Password?” Dial your password followed by a #.

Playing your Messages

Immediately after logging on you should hear a brief summary of all new messages you have received since you last logged on and the contents of the messages will be played. By pressing the following keys you can control the playing of your messages.

  • 1 – Skip BACKWARD 5 seconds in the current message
  • 2 – Play the message
  • 3- Skip FORWARD 5 seconds in the current message
  • 4 – Go to the PREVIOUS message
  • 5 – Go to the NEXT message
  • 9 – Dial the sender of the current message (automatically! – internal messages only)
  • 0 – Dial a campus number and exit playback
  • * – Get a recorded Help Service
  • # – Stop or Exit

Getting Help, General Commands and Miscellaneous Notes

In general, press:

  • 7* to get HELP with Sending or Replying to a MESSAGE
  • 8* to get HELP with MAILBOX greetings, passwords, etc.
  • # – TO cancel a partly entered command
  • 5 – To record (a spoken message or a list of mailboxes numbers)
  • # – To stop recording (a message or list of mailbox numbers)
  • 0# – To cancel a just entered mailbox number
  • 00# – To contact the campus switchboard

Message Commands

All commands that are used in sending, deleting or replying to a message begin with a 7. Press the following keys to control the manipulation of the messages:

  • 71 – Reply to the current message
  • 72 – Summarize who and when the current message was sent.
  • 73 – Forward the message to other mailboxes
  • 74 – Reply to all messages (one reply for all messages)
  • 75 – Compose a message (press 5 to record – press # to stop)
  • 76 – Delete the current message
  • 79 – Send a (previously composed) message immediately
  • 70 – Tag the current message (1 for urgent – 2 for private)
  • 7* – Message Help

Mailbox Commands

All commands that are used to change your mailbox attributes begin with an 8. Press the following keys to configure your mailbox:

  • 81 – Log on to another mailbox or to your own mailbox after leaving a message
  • 82 – Greeting change (1 for external – 2 for internal)
  • 83 – Log off (should be used when calling from off campus)
  • 84 – Password change
  • 85 – Distribution list (up to 9 different sets of mailbox numbers to receive the same message at once
  • 86 – Go to a specific message in your mailbox
  • 89 – Identify your mailbox by your spoken name
  • 8* – Mailbox Help

Express Mail

Express mail allows any caller to directly leave messages in a mailbox. To use express mail dial 2300 and you should hear: “Nortel Call Pilot. Mailbox?”

Dial the mailbox that you want to send a message to followed by # (you should hear the external greeting of the mailbox followed by a tone.)

Record the spoken message.

Tagging Voicemail Messages for Timed Delivery

Messages that have been listened to are deleted sometime after midnight. If you really need to keep a message, forward it to yourself and specify a delivery date in the future. Here is the procedure:

  1. After listening to the message, press 73.
  2. At the prompt: “Forwarding message —; enter a list of addresses” (separate multiple addresses with the #sign), type in your own mailbox number followed by ##.
  3. At the prompt: “To begin recording, press 5”, press 5, record a brief message and press # to end recording.
  4. Press 706.
    At the prompt “Timed delivery: Delivery month?”, press the key for the number of the month — for example, for September, Press 9#.
  5. At the next prompt, type in the number of the day, followed by #.
  6. At the next prompt, type in the hour you want the message to be delivered followed by #.
  7. Next, type the number for a.m. or p.m. (1 or 2).
  8. Press 79 to submit the message.