Office Telephones

A standard office telephone has the following features:

  • An extension that allows for multiple calls simultaneously
  • Call forwarding (to other on-campus numbers)
  • Call transfer
  • Conference calling
  • On campus calling
  • Calls to the Hartford Area
  • Toll-free calls
  • Internet (Inum) calls (883 country code)
  • Toll calls (including international)
  • Directory Assistance – at a cost of .75 per use
  • Additional extensions (so that you can pick up calls for your colleagues)
  • Forwarding to off-campus numbers
  • Caller ID display
  • Speaker phone

The department will not be charged for any long-distance calls made on your office telephone.

Request Telephone Service

To request that a telephone be installed in an office, please contact the Library & IT Desk (Help Desk). Please call at least two weeks before the telephone will be needed. There is no installation charge.

If you are moving offices, log out of your current phone in your old office and login to phone in your new office. Never move an office telephone as they are programmed for 911 calls by location. If you need help logging into your phone, please contact the Library & IT Desk.

Cellular Telephones

In some limited cases, Trinity College will provide a cellular telephone for an employee to use. Since this is an expensive service, only a small minority of employees have one. They are generally only used in cases where the employee is on-call after hours, is a maintenance worker who moves about the campus, or travels extensively on college business.

Employees who are required to carry a college phone are permitted to use it sparingly for personal calls.

Cellular telephones belonging to Trinity College should not be used to make international calls (unless a phone card is used) since the rates are very unfavorable.