Please note that Microsoft Remote Desktop should only be used for connecting to office computers on campus running Windows. For access to library databases and online journals from off-campus, use the library instructions for EZProxy instead. To access tamba and other file shares (zep, tcdata, tbos) from off-campus, please use Mac Forticlient VPN instead.

1.) First, ensure that your office computer can allow for remote access and you know the PC name. (If this has already been done, skip to step 6 to continue setup.)

2.) On the desktop of the office computer you will be remoting into, right click on This PC and select Properties.

3.) Note the Full computer name listed. You will need this name to setup remote access.

4.) Click on Change settings.

5.) Click on the Remote tab at the top. Check the option Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)NOTE: Your office computer’s Power and Sleep settings may need to be adjusted so the computer does not automatically shut down/sleep when not in use.

Close these windows and switch to the Mac computer you will be remoting in with.

6.) On your Mac, go to the App Store and download the “Microsoft Remote Desktop” software.

7.) Follow the instructions for the installation. Once the installation is successful, you may close the App Store window.

8.) Launch the Microsoft Remote from the Applications menu.

9.) Click on the + icon and then Add PC.

10.) In the Add PC window, click on the User account drop down  menu and select Add User Account.

11.) Enter the following information:

  • Usernamecmpcntr\username (replace username with your username)
  • Password: (your Trinity password)
  • Friendly nameTrinity Office Computer (or a name of your choosing)

12.) Click Add when complete. You will return to the Add PC window.

13.) Enter the following information:

  • PC (replace computername with your office computer name from step 3)
  • Friendly name: Trinity Computer

14.) In the Gateway drop down list, select Add Gateway. A new window opens. Enter the following information:

  • Gateway
  • Friendly name: Trinity Gateway
  • User account: Use PC User Account

15.) Close this window by clicking on the Save button.

16.) Click on the new remote desktop you just created to connect. Enter your Trinity credentials when prompted.