Hold your ID card up to the lock and keep it still.

  1. The light will flash green and a motor will sound, unlocking the door. Turn the handle and enter.
  2. The door will automatically lock after a few seconds.
  3. Having trouble? Have you hit a Hotspot recently?

How to Update your Card Using a Hotspot

  1. Find any Hotspot  or  on campus (usually located outside building entrances).
  2. Hold your card still in front of the Hotspot. A blue light indicates that the update is in progress.
  3. The update is complete when the light turns green.
  4. Be sure all lights and sounds are off before removing your card from the Hotspot.

I Can’t Open Any Door Inside My Building!

  • Did you follow someone in, or was the exterior door unlocked?
    If it’s been awhile since you last updated your card, it may have expired. Go back outside and hit a Hotspot (unlock an exterior door to the building) to reactivate your card.
  • Did someone hold the door open for you while you were updating your card/unlocking an exterior door?
    If you pulled your card away too quickly, before the lights stopped, to catch the door being held for you, you may have broken your card. Go back to a Hotspot and update it again.
    Watch a video on using the locks: