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  • AgiSoft Metashape is a photogrammetry application that can be used to create 2d or 3d models from images. For some examples of models created by the Trinity community see our collection on Sketchfab. You can download and install a fully functional 30 day trial for Mac or Windows here: Taking Your Pictures Starting with […]
  • Blippar ( offers a few different methods to create augmented really experiences. For the purposes of this overview we will focus on creating an experience for the Blippar App using their easy to use web based BlippBuilder. You can also use BlippBuilder to create web based experiences. The app is more appropriate to use objects […]
  • Trinity College has a license for Atlas.ti for qualitative data analysis. It is installed on all public computers and is also available on our Windows Virtual Desktop. The current version requires all users to create a free Atlas.ti account in order to use the software. Use your Trinity College email address to create an account […]
  • Bloomberg has discontinued remote access to the Bloomberg terminals effective June 30, 2022. Students can now only access campus terminals at an installed campus location. If you have any questions about using Bloomberg Professional, contact Cheryl Cape at
  • You can now access many lab applications on your own computer or mobile device using our Windows Virtual Desktop. Applications available include ArcGIS, Atlas.ti, Chemdraw, Eviews, SPSS, and STATA. It also includes the desktop versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Contents: Getting Started The Windows Virtual Desktop can be accessed from just about any […]

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