Direct Communication Methods

Routine Help Desk Support |  Report Phishing Email

Report Cybersecurity Incident  |  Reporting Harassment

If You Are Reporting A Stolen Trinity Device 

Please follow the steps outlined here. If you contact a different local police department first, please let us know that and provide them with that case number and contact. When you report to the police having a serial number and other unique identifiers can be crucial for investigations.

What To Tell Us When Reporting An Incident

When speaking with the Help Desk, submitting an incident form, or emailing [email protected] to report a cybersecurity incident, please be prepared to answer the following questions if applicable to your event:

  • When did the event happen?
  • What is your preferred contact information?
  • Who is involved (other College staff/Police/other organizations)?
    • If the police are involved, please provide the case number and contact if possible.
  • What kinds and how much College-held data is potentially at risk? Is there any risk to College Restricted Data?
  • Does this impact the availability of a College service?

Other Information To Include

  • Any readily available information about the device(s) involved (IPs, MAC addresses, device names, encryption levels, etc.)
  • Any actions that have already been taken.
  • Any help requested.