French Language learners have many post-graduate and professional options.  Those wishing to pursue a career in French education can pursue assistantships in France, where the regional education authorities provide free introductory courses to facilitate integration.

For students who would like to continue working in  a French context,  TAPIF provides excellent opportunities to teach English abroad in French secondary schools.

Students wishing to inform themselves of job opportunities in various countries can access the Jobs Abroad search engine, which includes information on over one hundred countries.  Students can also use the search engine to locate international employment by job type.

Students who would like to join the more than 182,000 volunteers working on issues ranging from AIDS education to information technology and environmental preservation have the additional option of the Peace Corps.


Testimonial - Kendall Hall '16

“With the many great opportunities Trinity has to offer, I found that coupling a language with Economics was the perfect balance of coursework that refined two completely different sets of skills and ultimately helped me stand out as a candidate when applying for jobs.”