"Change your language and you change your thoughts"
-Karl Albrecht

Our role is to provide support to Trinity students enrolled in world language classes through the Department of Language and Culture Studies. We strongly believe that all students possess the ability to achieve proficiency in a second language. With the capability to communicate in a language other than your own, you not only engage in mastering linguistic skills, but also acquire valuable insight into different cultures and perspectives, allowing you to participate more knowledgeably and empathetically in our diverse and global society.

The Blume Language and Culture Learning Center provides a convenient, dedicated space for language tutoring, teaching and learning, as well as serving as a central repository for language resources and pedagogical expertise.


Students needing help in language classes may request a tutor through Wconline – Blume Language and Culture Learning Center.

Instructions for setting up an appointment:

Everyone needs to register and create an account the first time WCOnline is accessed

  • On the “Register for a New Account”screen, fill in all the required information noted by a red asterisk (*).
  • Use your trincoll.edu email address for the registration as important information regarding your appointments will be sent there.
  • OPTIONAL: add your cell phone number and opt-in for text notifications
  • Once you complete the form, click “Complete Registration” and you will be directed to the Scheduler.
  • Select a date and time for your appointment and verify that you have chosen the correct language.
  • A questionnaire will pop-up with basic information about your class, professor and the topic(s) you wish to cover during your appointment

Students reserve a 30 minute to 60 minute tutoring session once a week. Appointments must be set up 24 hours in advance.  Students can work with a tutor to improve language skills including but not limited to pronunciation, diction, vocabulary, grammatical concepts, reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.  

Tutors may not complete assignments for students but can identify patterns of errors and work one-on-one with a student to facilitate the mastery of specific concepts. Tutors are selected, trained and overseen by the co-directors in order to best meet the needs of the individual student.


The Blume Language and Culture Learning Center serves as a training and meeting place for teaching assistants in LACS. Teaching assistants in LACS must be vetted and approved by the professor of the desired course prior to enrollment. Once they are enrolled, they will work directly with the professor of the course and may have a range of responsibilities, depending on the language and course level. In addition to these responsibilities, teaching assistants will be required to participate in a weekly pedagogical workshop in the Blume Center. Through this workshop series, teaching assistants will benefit from pedagogical training and support in collaboration with their peers.

Teaching assistants in LACS will earn a total of 1 credit divided the following way: .5 credit for attending the language class once a week in addition to holding weekly office hours for the students enrolled in the class. They will earn an additional .5 credit for participating in the weekly workshop led by the co-directors. TA’s will be graded by the professor of the course in collaboration with the Blume Center co-director directing the workshop.


The Blume Language and Culture Learning Center located in LITC 119 will be open for tutoring appointments for the fall semester starting September 26, 2021. Schedule an appointment with a language tutor


Blume Language and Culture Learning Center

Aidali Aponte-Aviles and Laura Flores, Co-directors Raether Library and Technology Center
Level 1, Rm. 119
Sundays: 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Mondays-Thursdays: 3:00pm to 10:00pm