Each month the Language and Culture Studies Department spotlights one of its esteemed Faculty members.

May 2021








Rieko Wagoner

Principal Lecturer
Language and Culture Studies and International Studies

After retiring from teaching 35 years, Rieko has embarked on yet another career – as a Japanese language translator.

Rieko’s latest translation was on the memoir by Patrisse Kahn-Cullors, one of the three women who started the Black Lives Matter movement.

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APRIL 2021

Kifah Hanna

Associate Professor
Arabic Language, literature and culture

Chosen to be the next
Charles A. Dana Research Associate Professor of Language and Culture Studies

Kifah writes about her deep infatuation with the Arabic language and her fascination with its poetic expression.

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MARCH 2021

Adi Katz

Hebrew language, literature and culture

Adi writes about her love for the Israeli language and its culture. She also shares her fascination with its linguistic richness and influences and her joy of teaching Hebrew.

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Katsuya Izumi

Japanese language, literature, and culture

Katsuya provides us with a glimpse of  his journeys before coming to Trinity College. He briefly writes about his recent writing project
and his most recent article,
“Multiplicities of Identities and Meanings behind Devouring Characters in Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away”

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Carol Any

Associate Professor
Russian language, literature, and culture

Carol writes about her love of Russian and her newly published book.

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