Each month the Language and Culture Studies Department spotlights one of its Majors.

April 2021


Tucker O’Brien
Chinese and Japanese Major

Enjoy reading about Tucker’s opportunity to study abroad in China through the River Cities of Asia Program. His fascination with both languages and cultures.  And with his double majoring, his expectations for international travels to China and Japan and how that fits into his future plans.

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March 2021


Ben Salfeld
German Major

Ben writes how German has become an integral part of his experience at Trinity and his memorable Summer Study Abroad Program to Berlin in 2019.

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February 2021


Tessa Endresen ’21
Italian Major

Tessa writes about her appreciation for the beauty of the Italian language,  lessons from Rome, and exploring the art of teaching the Italian language.

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January 2021

Mimi MacKilligan ’21

President’s Fellow for the
Department of Language and Culture Studies

Mimi is majoring in French and German, minoring in Japanese.
She writes about her love of languages.

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