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Salima Etoka ’15

Below are a couple of photos Salima Etoka ’15 shared with us from her semester studying in Senegal.

“The first photo is of me and one of the ladies we met while visiting Lake Rose. It’s a tourist attraction where when the temperature is right, the lake looks pink. The local people also harvest salt from the lake. The lady was part of a group of women who sell handmade bracelets and other crafts.”

– Salima Etoka



“The second photo is of a baobab tree. A baobab tree is a national symbol of Senegal for many different reasons. During my experience, I learned that every part of the tree is used. The fruit is used to make a juice called Monkey bread. There’s a sauce that’s made from the tree to be eaten with rice. We visited one site where musicians used to be buried in the tree until it wasn’t allowed any more.”

– Salima Etoka